Bikes Not Bombs Staff Directory


Elijah Evans (he/him)

Chief Executive Officer

617-522-0222 x105


Ndaye Kanonga (he/him)

Senior Director of Development & External Affairs


Angela Phinney (she/her)

Director of Development

617-522-0222 x108

Kimberly Wutkiewicz (she/her)

Director of Institutional Advancement

617-522-0222 x115

Nicole Hicks (she/her)

Assistant Director of Grants and Evaluation


Maura Holt-Ling (she/her)

Development Associate

Community Engagement

Julia Karr (she/her)

Director of Community Engagement


Montell Khaldi (he/him)

Youth Organizer: Mobility Justice

Joseph Pires (he/him)

Associate, Bicyclists Organizing for Community Action (BOCA)

Beatriz Pleités (she/her)

Community Engagement Coordinator


Bike School

Philip Gay (he/him)

Senior Bike School Manager

Sam Becker (she/her)

Bike School Program Manager at Jamaica Plain

John Michael Lopez (he/him)

Bike School Program Manager at the Department of Youth Services

Emma Righter (she/her)

Bike School Program Manager at Roxbury Hub

Youth Pathways

Elyse Oliver (she/her)

Director of Youth Pathways

Abeo Powder (she/her)

Youth Development & Transitions Manager

Bike Shop

Daniel Seiden (he/him)

Director of Bike Shop & Training Center

Sam Archer (he/him)

Assistant Director, Bike Shop & Training Center

Wilson Martinez (he/him)

Head Mechanic

Sterling Storm (he/him)

Sales Manager

Gabriel Mendez-Castaño (he/him)

Training & Service Manager

Gregg Smith (he/him)

Ebike Training & Service Manager

Josh Bankert (he/him)

International Partnerships Consultant

Victor Peguero (he/him)

Training & Service Coordinator

Zak Papatsoris (he/him)

Training & Sales Coordinator

Michael Le (he/him)

Bike Donations Coordinator

(617) 221-3047

Sara Sofia Parra Gonzalez (she/her)

Bike Donations Coordinator

(617) 249-4051

Neil DeCoteau (he/him)

Sales Associate

Andrew Dodoo (he/him)

Repair & Refurbish Mechanic

Wilki Diaz (he/him)

Repair & Refurbish Mechanic

Desper Duke (she/her, they/them)

Repair & Refurbish Mechanic

Daniel Durango-Garro (he/him)

Repair & Refurbish Mechanic

Jason Mejia (he/him)

Repair & Refurbish Mechanic

Board of Directors

Patrick Cutrona

Chair of the Board

Lina Cañon

Vice Chair of the Board

Lee Archung

Treasurer of the Board, Budget & Finance Committee Chair

Khristopher Nicholas

Clerk of the Board

Peter Cheung

Board Member

Sean Hildenbrandt

Board Member, Fundraising Committee Chair

James Magee

Board Member

Cynthia Perry

Board Member, Strategy/Racial Equity Committee Chair

Abigail Werner

Board Member

Sarah Wolozin

Board Member

Alexis Vidaurreta

Board Member