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San Andrés Itzapa, Guatemala

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Bici-Tec, a bicycle machine enterprise in San Andrés Itzapa, Guatemala, creates bicycle technology that contributes toward the sustainability, self-reliance and economic development of rural communities in Guatemala. Bici-Tec is now offering new opportunities to grow bicycle machine technology through their School of Appropriate Bici-Technology.

Bici-Tec stemmed out from Maya Pedal in 2012, and continues the work of designing, fabricating and distributing bicimáquinas – human-powered machines that use bicycles and pedal-power to drive mechanical implements that are efficient, appropriate and revolutionary in an age of excessive pollution and over-powered solutions.

These machines form “the middle ground between the artisinal and the industrial,” says Carlos Marroquin, Bici-Tec founder.  Bicimáquinas, such as corn de-grainers, corn grinders, water pumps, coffee depulpers, macadamia nut shellers, aloe shampoo blenders among others, help people in rural areas of Guatemala increase their productivity in a way that is both economically and environmentally cost effective.

People in rural Guatemala who would otherwise spend long hours or large amounts of money to process their agricultural products, save time, money and their environment by using bicimáquinas, which can be easily repaired and maintained with bicycle parts and knowledge from within their communities.

Bikes Not Bombs supports the development of bicimáquina technology in Guatemala and its transference across the Global South. We work with local technicians and groups, such as Bici-Tec, that further this technology with innovative models of design, distribution and collaboration.

People across the Global South are living the harsh realities of global warming and its damaging impacts on their livelihoods. Bicimáquina technology offers concrete options to reduce CO2 emissions – while increasing rural productivity – and is driven by communities in the Global South.


A desgranadora (bicycle degrainer)
A pedal-powered desgranadora (degrainer)
Pedal-powered well water pump
A pedal-powered well water pump

Carlos Marroquín, the founder of Bici-Tec, highlights a variety of bicimáquinas and their importance.  Video by David Branigan, former International Programs Director.