Bike-A-Thon Routes

Four routes!

Click on the map to view a fullscreen that includes all 4 route options: 10, 30, 50, 100 miles. In addition, the 2 shortcuts for the 100 mile ride are also included: 100 mile route cut to 80 miles and 100 mile route cut to 65 miles.

Riders can choose to ride 10 miles, 30 miles, 50 miles or 100 miles in some of the best routes in Eastern Mass.  All of the routes head west-southwest from Jamaica Plain with 'cutoffs' for the different route options.

All routes have at least one rest stop and rest stops are never far apart.  At rest stops riders can fill up water bottles and replenish energy with a selection of tasty treats including fresh fruit, granola bars and more.

All of our rides are clearly marked on the pavement, and GPX routes are available below by ride. Pick up a paper map of your route at registration the day of the event and  feel free to check out the routes by clicking on the online map.  All routes are subject to change.

Riders will take off and return to the field across from Stony Brook T Station on the Orange Line located at 100 Boylston Street in Jamaica Plain in the SW Corridor park (please see Check In / Departure Times below). At the end riders will enjoy the After-Party from 12:30pm-5:30pm with lots of tasty food, activities and live music. 


100 Mile  6:30-7:15am  6:30-7:15am (rolling)
50 Mile 8:30-9:30am 9:30am
30 Mile 9:30-10:30am 10:30am
10 Mile 10:30-11:30am 11:30am

Read on for more info about each route. After clicking on the route link, click "back to menu" to return to the full list of route options.

10 mile ride

We are working on making this ride even more family friendly by utilizing more bike paths and less hills. Please check back for updates!

This route is perfect for the whole family, with many wide, safe, low-traffic roads that put any rider at ease. The rest stop has a playground and while the route is not entirely free of the inevitable uphill, the way back is almost entirely flat or downhill. Some urban riding skills are required.

Links below will be updated by May.

Cue cards and elevation profile on Ride with GPS.

GPX Link

30 mile ride

Thirty miles is perfect for cyclists who do not want to do too much training but want to push themselves. All of the uphill sections on this route are relatively short and the roads are smooth, many of them have been recently resurfaced! Half way through the journey, you'll find a rest stop at the lovely Powisset Farm with plenty of snacks and refreshments.

Links below will be updated by May.

Cue cards and elevation profile on Ride with GPS.

GPX Link

50 mile ride

After the first rest stop in Medfield, the return trip is where the 50 mile route really shines. This route creatively weaves together the best roads and sites from the Dover area to form a secluded and adventurous ride with two rest stops. Aside from a handful of short stretches on main connecting streets, you'll find yourself forgetting cars even exist!

Links below will be updated by May.

Cue cards and elevation profile on Ride with GPS.

GPX File

100 mile ride

Our 100 mile ride was so successful last year, we've brought it back!  After the rest stop in Holliston riders will find smooth, scenic stretches through some of metro Boston’s most beautiful towns west of the city. A century is a challenging distance and riders should expect to adequately train prior to the ride. In order to finish in time for a late lunch at the After Party, riders should be able to maintain at least 12 mph average speed, with 20 minute breaks at each of the 4 stops.

Links below will be updated by May.

Full 100 mile route

100 mile route cut to 80 miles

100 mile route cut to 65 miles