8/13/2023 Bike-A-Thon Training Ride Canceled

Good afternoon riders,

We are sorry to write this, but we have decided to cancel our Bike-A-Thon group training ride scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday August 13th. The forecast has shown an increased chance of thunderstorms during the morning and we would rather keep everyone safe and out of harm's way, especially given recent flash flooding. Due to limited staff availability and scheduling conflicts (we're getting busy with the Bike-A-Thon prep!), we are unable to postpone this ride for another date.
For those of you looking for more group rides, Brothers on Bikes (often in tandem with Women on Wheels) frequently leads group rides from Bikes Not Bombs on Sunday mornings. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested to check out the Facebook group for Brothers on Bikes and Facebook page for Women on Wheels.
And for all of your training ride needs, you can find links to all of our Bike-A-Thon routes below, plus the 20 mile training ride and a hilly, 10-mile route if you want to focus on hills.
Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you at the Bike-A-Thon!
All the best,
Julia Karr and Gary Chin, Bikes Not Bombs