Volunteer Opportunities

Wheel sorting - Photo by Webb ChappellBusy volunteers on a Thursday night - Photo by Dan BeharTubes rolled by volunteers - Photo by Webb Chappell

We are actively recruiting volunteers to assist with Bikes Not Bombs' key operations at our Hub (administrative offices) and Bike Shop & Training Center. Shifts are available Monday through Saturday.

Volunteer Apprenticeship program

Bikes Not Bombs offers six unique volunteer apprenticeship opportunities. Please click on each title to view the corresponding volunteer job description.

  • Admin & Outreach Apprentice - Provide general administrative support, engage the cycling and social justice community to grow our base of supporters.
  • Bike Recycling Apprentice - Process bicycles and various parts for international shipping and other bike distribution programs.
  • Bike School Apprentice - Directly support the Bike School Coordinator and Youth Apprentices with the development and implementation of bicycle education curriculum (Completion of a previous Bike School program is required. Applicants must be able to pass a Criminal Offender Record Information [CORI] check.)
  • Community Organizer Apprentice - Support Bikes Not Bombs' youth organizing and advocacy efforts (BOCA).
  • Mechanic Apprentice - Build up recycled and refurbished bicycles for sale and for use in our distribution and education programs
  • Sales Apprentice - Greet and assist customers, organize special orders, facilitate bike donation intake, inventory management and organization.

Submit a volunteer application:

If you would like to volunteer with Bikes Not Bombs, please:

  • Submit your interest on the Volunteer Interest Form to indicate your preferences and availability
  • Submit the Volunteer Application and your resume (if available) indicating the specific role/s you're interested in and other required information/permissions. The application form will be sent to you by a member of BNB staff.

After receiving both your Volunteer Interest Form and the Volunteer Application, we will hold a phone interview to discuss your application and placement.


Volunteer credit

By serving as a volunteer with BNB, you can earn credits to be redeemed for used bike parts and accessories! We can also provide a letter confirming your volunteer time (useful for community service). 


Status of Volunteer Night

In order to limit the spread of COVID-19, VOLUNTEER NIGHT HAS BEEN CANCELED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. We are working hard to incorporate safety recommendations from the CDC and state and local government agencies. Any updates to Volunteer Night will be posted on the website, via social media, and announced in our monthly e-newsletter.