2021 Bike-A-Thon Training Challenges

2021 Bike-A-Thon Training Challenges


This summer, we are hosting a series of three training challenges that will lead up to the in-person Bike-A-Thon. For any biking enthusiast, these virtual ride challenges can serve as training opportunities and as a way to get a head start on fundraising.

Training Challenge #1: ZOOM on your Bike (6/5 - 6/13/2021)

Training Challenge #2: Midsummer in Motion (7/3 - 7/11/2021)

Training Challenge #3: Tuning up the Legs (8/7 - 8/15/2021)


2020 Training Routes


Attached below are some links to Bike-a-Thon 2020 training routes, along with descriptions. The routes start in Jamaica Plain near the Bikes Not Bombs Hub & Bike Shop. There are routes of varying distance and difficulty. You are able to export files compatible with GPS bike computers, smartphones, and map/profile images.





BNB BAT 2020 5 mile Training ride 

Recommended for families & beginners



This ride is for families & beginning riders who want to  avoid riding on the road as much as possible. Most of this route is on the S.W. Corridor Bike Path & on the paths in Franklin Park.




BNB BAT 2020 5 Mile Hill Training Loop



This is a variation on a popular Jamaica Plain climbing loop. You can do this repetitively to develop your climbing legs.




BNB BAT 2020 10 Mile Training Ride (Practice Loop)



This is the old 10 mile BAT ride that many hills and is great for a quick local ride to stretch your legs. If you do loops, each loop will have over 500 feet of climbing.




BNB BAT 2020 20 Mile Training Ride



This route follows the current BAT route out of Jamaica Plain & follows the old BAT route into Dedham. You will then make a shortcut back into Needham, Newton, Brookline & Jamaica Plain




BNB BAT 2020 30 Mile Route 



Current 36.4 mile route for BAT 2020. Total of 1,800 feet of climbing