Student Requests

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My project deadline is very soon. Can you make an exception to this policy?  I promise I will complete my volunteer hours after my due date.

A: Unfortunately we do not grant exceptions for this policy, if you are a long-term BNB youth or member we may consider it.  A history of students failing to fulfill their volunteering have made this policy needed.

Q: I am a researcher/graduate students/in academia, does this policy apply to me?

A: Yes.  We occasionally collaborate on projects that are in line with our mission and programs - if we have extra time.  But, this tends to be quite rare.  Please contact us with any questions.

Q: My school is about to provide a financial donation to help me with my work, do you accept monetary donations instead of volunteer hours?

A: In certain situation we are willing to accept a financial donation in lieu of volunteer hours.  Please contact us with more information.

Bikes Not Bombs frequently receives student requests for interviews, access to, or information about our work.  We are honored to be approached and while we do have a range of thorough information about our programs, including Annual ReportsFAQs, a timeline and a range of other resources available on our website, unfortunately we are unable to accomodate most requests.


Additional requests beyond what is available on our website require an exchange of volunteer hours for staff time.  Volunteering can be done at any of our regular volunteer opportunities and must be in advance to conducting an interview or gathering information.  This requirement ensures that the time working with students outside of our primary constituency will continue to help Bikes Not Bombs advance the purpose of our social justice work.

Volunteer Hours

All requests require a minimum of three hours, with an additional two hours for every half hour of staff time requested beyond one hour.  

Each request may require additional volunteer hours depending on the scope of the request.  We are generally unable to accomodate requests that take more than one hour of staff time.

Staff Hours Requested Volunteer Hours Requested
     1 Hour        3 Hours
     1.5 Hours      5 Hours
     2 Hours      7 Hours


Thank you for understanding our process and the reasons we abide by these requirements.  We have some FAQs to the right and you are welcome to contact us if you have further questions.