Submit Your Idea for Our New Sticker!

News released on: 
Feb 25th, 2016

The current BNB Sticker in Nairobi, Kenya

After 32 years, we've decided it's time to revamp our sticker design, and we could use YOUR help! Do you have an idea of the perfect sticker you want to put on your bike, helmet or give to your favorite person?

Can you think of an attractive design that highlights BNB's mission?

Send it in!


  • Intended Use -
    • This sticker will be given away and sold at the BNB Hub and Bike Shop, and at various events. The sticker should fit easily on bike tubing or a helmet.
  • Must utilize the Bikes Not Bombs Parabike logo 
  • Should be small, around 2” in diameter
  • Must say 'Bikes Not Bombs' – ideally in Heartwoods font
  • Important Dates -
    • Wednesday March 30th, 11:59pm – Sticker Designs Due
    • Friday April 18th – Designers will be notified
  • Submission Details -
    • Submit your jpg or pdf design via email to
    • In the subject line, put 'STICKER REDESIGN – LAST NAME'
    • Name your design 'StickerLastName'.
    • If you are submitting multiple designs, put 1, 2, 3… in the sticker name. Feel free to submit as many designs as you like.
  • Selection Process -
    • Entries will be narrowed down by the Communications Manager and then the top 10 designs will be voted on by BNB staff. Keep in mind that the cost for printing stickers will be taken into account when choosing a winner. Die cut stickers, large sizes and reflective all cost more.
  • The winning designer will be given a BNB prize pack (including a gift card to the bike shop and BNB merchandise) in thanks, however no payment will be exchanged and we cannot confirm that credit will be given every time the sticker is used or spoken about. You will have our endless appreciation, bragging rights, and probably a perpetual smile on your face as you see the stickers decorating people and bikes worldwide.