Earn-A-Bike Training Manual

We make our training manual available for people wanting to run youth bicycle programs in other places. This is the mechanics manual we use to train the volunteers who will become assistant teachers in Earn-A-Bike.

Download the entire manual as a 3 MB zipped archive of pdfs, created on a Macintosh.

OR, download the chapters and cover as individual pdfs:

Chapter 1: Instructor Contract
Chapter 2: Tires
Chapter 3: Bottom Brackets
Chapter 4: Basic Tools
Chapter 5: Hubs
Chapter 6: Selecting A Bike
Chapter 7: Bike Safety
Chapter 8: Headsets
Chapter 9: Wheel Truing
Chapter 10: Braking Systems
Chapter 11: Cantilever Brakes
Chapter 12: Rear Derailleurs
Chapter 13: Front Derailleurs