Support Food Justice in El Salvador!

News released on: 
Sep 18th, 2014

On September 17th Bikes Not Bombs had a great group of around 50 supporters join us to Support Food Justice in El Salvador.  After an introduction by Executive Director Jodi Sugerman-Brozan and Educator-Activist Modesto Sanchez the group watched a clip from the video 9.70.  The video highlighted the effects of similar legislation that went into effect in Colombia.

After the video participants were able to speak directly with CESTA founder Ricardo Navarro who is on the front lines in El Salvador.  Ricardo announced that El Salvador had agreed to comply with the Free Trade agreement and will be opening their borders to GMO seeds.

Despite this new development momentum remained strong and event attendees eagerly filled out a postcard to US Ambassador Aponte.  Bikes Not Bombs will be sending these postcards to the US Embassy in El Salvador.  If you were unable to make the event please contact the Embassy to encourage the United States to remove corporate power from aid packages.  Consider using the following script in your call:

Dear Ambassador Aponte,

I am a community member of Bikes Not Bombs, and I am writing to express my support for the grassroots campaign in El Salvador refusing to accept US aid packages that require opening local markets to GMO seeds and products from Monsanto.

And I demand that the US government stop pressuring El Salvador and other countries in the Global South to accept US GMO seeds, and start respecting and supporting these nations to invest in their own local seed banks to grow and protect their food sovereignty.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event and showed their solidarity with El Salvador.