Remembering the 2013 Boston Marathon

News released on: 
Apr 15th, 2014
In the year since the Boston Marathon Bombings on April 15, 2013 Bikes Not Bombs has been continually impressed by the power of the Boston community; runners, survivors, public officials, Bostonians and folks from all over the world have responded to this attack with compassion and support.
Last year many in our community were personally affected by the attacks and everyone was in a state of hurt and shock.  Now, a year later, the letter written by our Executive Director Jodi still rings true.  The roots and mission of Bikes Not Bombs is unfortunately more relevant today than ever.  We continue to work towards disarming literal and symbolic bombs near and far and to use the bicycle as a vehicle for social change.  As we recall our memories and the following sense of community of 2013 BNB is encouraged more than ever to work towards our vision of a more just, sustainable and peaceful world.  Please join us.