Eighth Annual Building Momentum Breakfast

News released on: 
Oct 26th, 2018

Emcee Bob Thomas, BMB Founding MemberExecutive Director Elijah Evans speaks at the BMBCarolyn Parker-Fairbain, Youth Pathways & Earn-A-Bike Alumna shares her BNB experience at the BMBGuests enjoying breakfast from our sponsors Ula Café & New Harvest Coffee RoastersVolunteer Luis Sanchez speaks with International Partnerships Manager Manizha Baraki at the BMBBNB Staff and Alumni Jasmine Wilson, Joey Santana and Jason Mejia at the BMBExecutive Director Elijah Evans speaks with guests at the BMBOn Wednesday, October 24th, Bikes Not Bombs welcomed 79 people to our Eighth Annual Building Momentum Breakfast (BMB) at the NonProfit Center in downtown Boston where guests heard inspiring stories from staff, alumni and supporters who shared their BNB experiences. We enjoyed a delicious variety of pastries, fruit & granola donated by our neighbors Ula Café and New Harvest Coffee Roasters who served a special BNB Bicimáquina Brew, from coffee beans produced at a farm just 20 kilometers away from our International Partner, Bici-Tec in Guatemala.

Bob Thomas, our Emcee and one of the founding members of the original BMB, welcomed everyone with an icebreaker where we learned about our neighbor's first memory of riding a bicycle, and we received beautiful key chains welded out of donated recycled bike chains by our amazing longtime volunteer and supporter, Janie Harari. Bob introduced our Executive Director, Elijah Evans, who spoke about his fifteen year connection to BNB: "What kept me coming back was the community I found. Almost instantly, I was welcomed by everyone here, and for the first time in my life, I found a place where I could be myself, in a world where systemic racism and oppression are still very much a reality."

Elijah highlighted BNB's accomplishments throughout the year including the opportunity for Learn Work Develop in Rwanda, our newest international partner, to receive hands-on training in Kenya from Cycloville: "This was an opportunity that enabled our partners to share their knowledge and experience, build resilience, and create solidarity for social change . . . some of the love that we're spreading is contagious, and we're proud of that fact. We're planting seeds!"

Elijah shared some exciting news about our plans to move our Bike Shop and Vocational Training Center from its current location at 18 Bartlett Square into our Hub in the Brewery Building at 284 Amory Street in Jamaica Plain, and how, by integrating our space, we will meet two strategic goals for the next few years: consolidating and reducing overhead expenses, and diversifying apprenticeship opportunities for our teens. More information about this plan is included below, and we encourage you to follow and support our progress as we Unite Under One Roof.

Elijah introduced the video below, produced by Mohammad Behroozian, which highlights BNB's commitment to empowering the most vulnerable people's ability to transform their lives and communities by using the bicycle as a vehicle for social change every day.

Video by Mohammad Behroozian

Our STRIVE Staff Coordinator, Youth Pathways and Earn-A-Bike Alumna Carolyn Parker-Fairbain, currently a first year student at UMASS Amherst, spoke passionately about her experiences at BNB and her hopes for the future: "BNB is a place that serves a diverse population in Boston . . . a lot of the people are black and brown youth . . . and [we] always wanted to instill positivity into every aspect of BNB and really make BNB a place that does not reflect the world of oppression outside but refects the hopes of the people in it. . . . BNB was founded under the principle of liberation, and to me that means liberating the mind through community. The Hub is a special place for young people to learn and build together."

Bob Thomas concluded the Breakfast by speaking very personally about how much Bikes Not Bombs inspires hope for the future of our youth and international partners despite the despair at the current political situation in our country. Just as he and his wife Polly are members, Bob encouraged guests to join our Wheels in Motion team, a group of individuals pledging at least $1,000 per year for the next five years. Bob shared that an anonymous donor was prepared to contribute $25,000 if we raised $75,000 to bring us to our goal of $100,000 for the Breakfast.
We are so truly honored and grateful to report that 75% of our guests made pledges or gifts that total $172,415 over the next five years, including our anonymous donor, and that there are six new members of our Wheels in Motion team. These funds are so crucial to supporting our youth and international programming, and will begin to help us proceed with our vision to move our Shop into our Hub space and Unite Under One Roof in 2019.

We are so appreciative of everyone who made this event possible. Thank you to our development event planning team, all of our inspiring speakers, and all of the BNB staff and board members who helped set up the event. Thanks to our sponsors Ula Café and New Harvest Coffee Roasters for donating a delicious breakfast spread again this year, and to Janie Harari for welding more than 100 key chain gifts for our guests. Thank you to our longtime volunteer photographer Will Daniels who captured such wonderful photos of our guests, more of which can be found here, and to Mohammad Behroozian who created an amazing video that shares our stories so beautifully. Special thanks to our Table Captains who invited guests, including Andrew Richardson, Gordon Schiff, Janie Harari, Will Twombley, and BNB's Board of Directors. Thank you so much to all of you who joined us and made the Eighth Annual Building Momentum Breakfast such a success because of your immense support!

If you missed the Building Momentum Breakfast this year, you can still join our Wheels in Motion team by contacting Angela Phinney, Director of Development, at 617.522.022 x108, angela@bikesnotbombs.org, or by pledging online. If you have additional questions about the Breakfast, Bikes Not Bombs, or would like to help plan our 2019 Breakfast, please contact us.

Board Member Simon Fischer speaks with guests at the BMB

BNB Co-founder Carl Kurz speaks with BNB Intern Jasmine Wilson at the BMB