BNB Featured on Steve Cohen Team's Blog

News released on: 
Mar 12th, 2020

"Bikes Not Bombs is looking to host the 2021 Youth Bike Summit in partnership with the Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition, running its June 2020 annual Bike-A-Thon, and developing stronger community ties through its Dorchester warehouse. Evans also wants to expand to at least two or three partners in three of the main neighborhoods BNB serves — Jamaica Plain, Dorchester, and Mattapan — and add more international allies. “The challenge for us is to figure out what is feasible,” Evans said. “We’re an aspirational group. There’s a lot that we can achieve, but that will only happen if we focus.” BNB receives hundreds of proposals each year. Two recent ones cover building bike machines to collect waste in Haiti, and establishing an after-school bike program for young people in Aruba.

BNB has a bold vision, and it wouldn’t be difficult for anyone to find some- thing to like about it. There is no shortage of ways to get involved, from volunteering, to riding in the Bike-A-Thon, stopping by the Jamaica Plain shop, and visiting the Dorchester warehouse sales. “I never thought that a bike could do so much for me or for a community,” Evans said. “But it’s really transforming, and I encourage people to check us out, get involved, and spread the word about our mission!”

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