How to Partner with BNB

Call for Partnerships (CLOSED):

Bikes Not Bombs is a non-profit organization based in Boston, USA, working for social, economic and environmental justice locally and internationally. We greatly value our international partners and it brings us immense satisfaction to be able to make an impact in their respective communities.

Unfortunately, Bikes Not Bombs is not currently accepting new requests for partnership. Please check back periodically for announcements or updates.

If you have any questions, please email


Frequently Asked Questions:

How many bikes can we expect and how will the container be financed?

Bikes Not Bombs ships containers with approximately 550 bicycles, and an extensive selection of used spare parts. The bicycles are mostly adult bikes, but also include children's bikes of all sizes. We cannot ship less than a full container, and we cannot send shipments of only spare parts or tools. The re-sale value of one container of bicycles ranges from $9,000 to $20,000 USD depending on the country.

Bikes Not Bombs donates the contents of the container and the international partner pays for shipping ($4,000 - $5,500 USD) and importation ($2,000 - $4,000 USD) depending on the country. BNB works with partners to create a payment plan after the aid is received. In special cases, Bikes Not Bombs may decide to subsidize shipping costs for the initial shipment.

Does BNB require that partners donate all the bikes shipped from BNB, or does it allow the bikes to be sold?

Bikes Not Bombs does not require that bikes be donated. The financial sustainability of our partners is important to Bikes Not Bombs, which often means that partners sell most of the bicycles in order to generate the financial resources necessary to make the business solvent, and to pay for shipping and importation. We ask that partners use a portion of the bicycles, or the profit from selling the bicycles, for social impacts in their communities.

What does BNB mean by "social, economic and environmental justice”?

Social, economic and environmental justice refers to the full and equal access for all people to social, economic and environmental resources, which include universal human rights, community self-determination, economic and food sovereignty, and climate justice.

Are BNB partnerships long-term or do they need to be renewed each year?

Our partnerships are long-term investments in social change work. BNB reviews partnerships according to agreed-upon time periods to ensure accountability to the partnership goals.

What kind of reporting does BNB require from partners?

We work with each partner to develop reporting that helps BNB to understand our partners' needs, progress and obstacles to success. We work with partners to develop monitoring and evaluation systems that help to track the impact of the partner organization, and how they are working towards their goals in their communities.