Youth Pathways

Our mission

We use the bicycle as a tool to foster young people’s leadership, development, and sense of individual and collective power to transform their own lives, strengthen communities and build a just and sustainable planet.

Since 1990, when the first Earn-A-Bikers set up shop at the tennis courts on Centre Street, over 3,000 Boston youth have participated in BNB Youth Programs. Every program at BNB is active, hands-on and peer-led. Our programs ask for a great deal of commitment from participants, but they also provide mentorship, support and opportunities for growth within BNB.

Bikes Not Bombs is committed to working against the pervasive adultism in our society. We believe that the best youth programs are ones that involve young people not only as participants but also as consultants and ones that give young people the opportunity to self-manage and become leaders.

In BNB’s Youth Programs, participants have the opportunity to learn everything from basic bike maintenance and city riding to all the skills needed to work as a bicycle mechanic. Maybe you’re someone who needs to learn how to ride, maybe you want to take home your very first bike, or maybe you’re an experienced rider; no matter who you are there is a BNB program for you. Check out the options and how to apply here and feel free to call, email or visit if you have any more questions.

About Each Program

Chicxs desde 12-18 años de edad
Earn-A-Bike es un programa en el que se puede aprender sobre bicicletas y recibir una de ellas. Durante las seis semanas que dura el programa, los participantes arreglarán completamente una bicicleta y aprenderán a manejarla seguramente en la ciudad de Boston. Durante las lecciones de mecánica, se les enseñara a los participantes a arreglar una parte de la bicicleta; después lo harán ellos mismos. Durante los recorridos en grupo montando bicicleta, los participantes aprenderán sobre el sistema de caminos para bicicleta que existe en Boston, montando entre parques, canchas de baloncesto y negocios locales.  Read more...
Chicas desde 12-18 años de edad
Girls In Action es un programa de Bikes-Not-Bombs, solamente para mujeres. Como nuestro programa Earn-A-Bike para mujeres y hombres, Girls In Action (GIA) combina aprender mecánicas de bicicletas con aprender a andar en bicicleta, y es una buena manera para niñas de 12 a 18 años de aprender nuevas cosas, hacer nuevas amigas, ser activas y ganar su propia bicicleta!  Además de mecánicas, Girls In Action ofrece actividades relacionadas con el ejercicio, la seguridad y el medio ambiente. ¡Además, hay talleres y paseos especiales cada semana! Podrás visitar una granja urbana, aprenderás como hacer tatuajes de henna, o hacer servicio comunitario, todo mientras conoces buenas niñas y aprendes como reconstruir una bicicleta. Read more...
Youth 12-18
  Applications for On-The-Bike are currently closed.   Program schedule: N/A   Read more...
Boys and Girls, ages 12-18
STRIVE is a comprehensive transition program providing support services to Boston Public Schools students with disabilities. STRIVE is part of Boston’s School to Career/Technical Vocational Education system, developing training and employment opportunities for students in a variety of career pathways. The program serves students from all of Boston's public high schools. Read more...
Youth and Adults aged 14+
  Applications for Bike Institute are currently closed.   Program schedule: October 2nd - November 6th, 2021 Saturdays 1-4 PM   Bike Institute is a 30-hour training for youth (14+) and adults who are looking for volunteer opportunities and are interested in: Read more...
Mechanics time during Girls In Action.

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