2015 Bike-A-Thon Fundraising Tips

News released on: 
May 25th, 2015

The Bike-A-Thon is less than 2 weeks away!  Compared to past years our overall fundraising is down, but we know our amazing riders and supporters will help us raise the funds needed to keep our Youth and International programs going strong.  Looking for some ideas to kick your fundraising up a notch?  Let's see what veteran Bike-A-Thon riders have been up to.

Oz, a 6 year old two-time rider has raised hundreds of dollars through violin performances outside of JP Licks, selling used toys and clothes that he no longer uses, and even emptying out coin jars! What skills do you have that you can put to good work?


The CBC Brews team hosts an annual Memorial Day party complete with BBQ, drinks, a raffle and live music.  The entire team invites their friends and asks each guest to chip in for the fun day.  All of the proceeds support the team's Bike-A-Thon ride, AND the team might even recruit a few riders in the process!  Would you like to hang out with your friends, eat amazing food and support BNB at the same time?  Consider hosting your own get-together!


We also have Bike-A-Thon riders teaching donation based Yoga classes, advertising their participation on social media and so much more to support their rides!  But the easiest way to meet your goal?  Just ask!  Ask your friends, your family, your neighbors and co-workers.  Some will say yes, some will say no, some will hop on the bike and ride 50 miles next to you.  

Want to bounce your ideas off someone?  Our Director of Fundraising and Events, Erica Rotman, is always available to talk.  Reach her at 617-522-0222x106 or at erica@bikesnotbombs.org