Supplies we need


  • Apple/Mac laptops or desktops with Intel processors and at least 4 GB RAM
  • PC laptops or desktops no older than three years
  • USB mice
  • MacBook chargers
  • Speakers and headphones
  • (No printers, please)

(For any of the above, let us know what you have first to see if we can use it.)

Contact Angela Phinney at

For sorting parts & shipping overseas

(we can always use more since we ship these off)

  • Milkcrates
  • Square plastic kitty litter containers
  • 5 gallon water containers (5-gallon buckets)
  • Half-gallon plastic or waxed paper milk or orange-juice containers (cut off top, fit into milk crates to make buckets for small parts)
  • Big plastic bins, like the curbside recycling blue bins

Contact Eric Mearns at

General supplies (for all programs)

  • Clean sealable plastic tubs for storing food, first aid supplies, helmets, etc. Big bins are great!
  • Rags: used textiles, cotton, preferably already cut into strips
  • Office supplies (whiteboards, folding chairs, tables, etc.)
  • School supplies/stationery (scissors, glue, markers, etc.)

Contact Angela Phinney at