Bikes Not Bombs Trans USA Ride

You have arrived at Steve Murphy's fundraising page for Bikes Not Bombs. We appreciate all the support!
Goal $ 11,000.00
100% towards our goal
$ 11,400.00 raised
$ 50.00
Go Steve!!! We'll be waiting at home so hurry up!
Willa And Chris
$ 100.00
Have a great trip Steve and maybe we can meet up with you when you come through Vermont,
$ 20.00
Best of luck on the ride, Steve! Your Harborview neighbors are rooting for you (and will miss your recycling talents while you are gone...).
Lynne & Pat
$ 250.00
Ride on, Steve!! Have a blast, enjoy the experience, and keep in touch.
Jenny D
$ 50.00
Steve - A great cause and a great way to support it. Enjoy :)
$ 25.00
Good luck, Murph! Ride safe and enjoy meeting the locals. Very inspiring and what a great cause to ride for.
$ 75.00
Steve: what you are doing is awesome. We support you and wish you a great trip! See you when you get back. ~ Jim & Teresa
$ 100.00
Get back here in one piece! XOXO
Rosemary & Guy
$ 75.00
Steve - We always knew you were a great guy. Now you are a true inspiration! We wish you well on your journey and be safe! We'll miss you!
Jen B
$ 50.00
I couldn't be happier for you! You're inspiring me to come up with my own "epic" experience :)
Gary & Jimena
$ 100.00
Awesome and inspiring, Steve - hope you enjoy this experience at every level!
$ 100.00
It is all about the hard yards and I am really excited for you and this adventure! Good Luck Murph!
Gerry Nelson
$ 100.00
Steve, I am more than proud of you. Have a safe ride! Love, Mom
Dan And Eva
$ 100.00
Good travels Steve! We'll follow you closely as you blog. Looking forward to hearing of your adventures.
$ 100.00
Have a safe trip - will be thinking of you and you'll be in my prayers!
$ 50.00
Good luck and enjoy the ride!
Roberta & Pags
$ 50.00
Murph, The Fakawee midfield won't be the same w/out you. Best of luck. Pags
Eric "Meathead" Miller
$ 100.00
Yeah Murph...have a great ride!!
The Cain Family
$ 100.00
Murph - Great job; Make the "Evens" proud!
The Reillys
$ 100.00
Murph!Your determination & courage is an inspiration to us all. If anyone can conquer this epic's YOU! Look forward to a whitty and intricate story of your journey.Safe travels Friend GOGOLOGO
Scott F.
$ 25.00
Have a great ride Steve. I look forward to following your progress! May the wind be at your back
$ 50.00
Good luck Steve! Can't wait to hear about it via the blog and when you get back!
Eric Olson
$ 250.00
Steve - best of luck with your ride, may the wind be at your back!
$ 50.00
Wishing clear skies and wind at your back - from the Nelson Family
Helen Graham
$ 100.00
We are all so proud of you. You are our hero! Be safe, stay well, and call.
$ 100.00
Good luck Steve Spartan Murphy. I only ask that you keep a list f craft beers you try across the country! Enjoy the ride, Cheers!
Joe Dog
$ 2.49
Get a Happy Meal on me, i think this is the going rate in Crosby, North Dakota. You'll need the calories more than me that day.
$ 100.00
Don't worry about your car, i will take good care of it, rental fees will be by the week..... lol
$ 30.00
If you feel down and out at any time just put in that WHAM cd that you listen to all the time!!!!!!!
Terry T
$ 150.00
Very proud and excited for you! I will follow your journey. Enjoy the ride and please stay safe. You are irreplaceable!
Paul Cardoza
$ 50.00
Ride safe and enjoy!!!!!!!
$ 50.00
Wishing you the best. Stay safe and come home soon!!
Paul Raul
$ 50.00
You're a good man Steve Be safe.
Brian C.
$ 20.00
Here's some cash and don't forget that I welded your front derailleur. Good luck!
$ 100.00
a bicyclist wakes up in the Rockies and knows he needs to be faster than the fastest bear, a bear wakes up in Rockies and knows he only needs to be as fast as the slowest bicyclist...Ride Fast!
The Durrance's
$ 20.00
Good Luck Steve!! We will all be rooting for you.
$ 100.00
Good luck Steve!! Have fun too!!
Bruce D.
$ 100.00
enjoy the Montana Sky's and cool breeeeeeze, I will be in New Mexico in the 104 degree heat and for sure will be thinking of you, will be watching your trip, enjoy, be safe,,
SHARON L @ Reiser
$ 25.00
Congratulations Steve, I wish you the best of luck! Be safe.
$ 375.00
You've got a lot of good people helping push you up the grueling hills. Add our entire company to that effort
Chris Boucher
$ 25.00
Great job, Stevie. I hope you have a great ride and have a chance to see some things on your journey. What a great cause. Incoming Breaking Bad spoilers starting 8/11.
Patti C.
$ 50.00
Steve, have a wonderful, safe journey. You truly are an amazing person. Enjoy the ride!
Steve And Mary
$ 50.00
Good luck!!! We'll be sure to watch Borgal watching your car.
$ 20.00
Good luck!
Richard Gassler
$ 100.00
Scott Galpin
$ 100.00
What you're doing is awesome! I wish you a safe and speedy journey!
Rich D.
$ 50.00
Ron S
$ 33.33
Good luck Steve, this is quite a feat you are attempting but what an adventure.....ride on !!!
Ann Packard
$ 50.00
Good Luck Steve. Seattle is a lovely place to start
The Boise Turner Family!
$ 100.00
STEVE MURPHY! Murph! Stevie! You inspire us brother. We plan on a proper pub crawl or three in PDX to kick this thing off so get ready to rep Southie west coast style. For peace and punk rock! We love ya man. Ever forward...
Liz And Tom
$ 75.00
Have a wonderful trip Steve!
Scott H.
$ 200.00
Murph, best of luck with this adventure! Your passion for this great cause and determination to do something truly meaningful are an inspiration!
$ 100.00
Wishing you fair weather and trailing winds my friend. Get back safely!
The Chesky's
$ 100.00
Best of luck!!
The Voros Family
$ 100.00
Enjoy the journey! (even when it gets tough, you never know what's around the next turn)
Dan And ViAnn
$ 50.00
'Atta Boy Steve! We are so proud of you! Keep up the family image! We love you! Dan and ViAnn
Voros Family 2
$ 104.00
Murph - Great effort so far, keep up the great work. Lorant, Julie, Oliva and Avery
Roger - Hingham, MT
$ 20.00
Good to have you at the house. You owe me 5 MGDs!
Hedges Family
$ 100.00
Go Murph! Keep pedaling.
John And Joanne McI
$ 100.00
Hang in there Steve!
Karen Hays
$ 50.00
Keep up the great ride, Murph! Enjoy reading your blogs and cheering you on from Southie.
Lesley And Bob
$ 200.00
Steve - Have a great ride! Looking forward to hearing stories of your adventure.
Big Winnie Cafe
$ 29.00
Thanks to Skip ($20). Dwayne ($2). And The Rainey family ($7) for helping BNB from out here in Bena, MN. You all are wonderful. Skip Great Breakfast!
Gerry Nelson
$ 100.00
Steve...know there are so many angels following are meeting them live in the wonderful people you meet along the are bringing out the best in others,,,God bless..see you soon. love, Mom
Magic Granny
$ 10.00
She just handed me $10 at the Fruit and Vegetable Tent off MI 28 in Ishpeming, MI. Thanks Magic G!
Sarah Freeman & Sam Sherwood
$ 180.00
It has been inspiring - and entertaining - reading your daily upddates. Here's wishing you all the best for the remainder of your journey!
Vicki (and Andrew)
$ 75.00
Steve: I'm an avid reader of your posts and couldn't wait for you to get to my home state, Minnesota. Glad you saw first-hand how "Minnesota Nice" works! Be safe! Vicki
Bob Corrigan
$ 10.00
He gave me $10 at a Café in Brevort, MI a total gentleman Thanks Bob!
Jack & Kay
$ 100.00
God Bless you for caring enough to make a difference in so many children"s lives.
$ 20.00
Another contribution courtesy of a fund raising effort by Joe Dog selling off beer mugs collected in his travels!
Staci & Jason
$ 150.00
Murph~ You are a true inspiration! Jay and I are so impressed, but not surprised. You are a gem of a human being and we are so excited you have embarked on this adventure. Life-changing, for sure... We love you...
Vic And Elaine Costa
$ 100.00
We're so proud of you Steve. Stay safe, stay strong, may the wind be at your back.
Greg & Jenny Hans
$ 50.00
Go Steve Murphy!!! Love the blog.
John Going To Seattle
$ 50.00
just met Steve going the opposite direction of me... he gave me his maps which I am super thankful for!! I'm a fellow engineer going from cape cod to seattle.
Andrew Perlman
$ 100.00
What an amazing accomplishment!
$ 100.00
So proud of you Murph and this incredible journey!! Can't wait to see you when you get back!
Jen Tansey
$ 25.00
$ 50.00
$50 more for including the nice photos of your Mom, Frank and Lynne. There's no place like home! Congrats.
Irene & Paul Y.
$ 50.00
Congratulations Steve on your fantastic accomplishment!!...Irene
Jon "Dan's Brother" Chapman
$ 20.00
My brother put out the word and it's a great charity, so I'm throwing a "small, but heartfelt" donation your way. Good luck with the fundraising.
$ 500.00
Fellow Reiser Employees
$ 150.00
We are all very proud of you, Steve, and glad to have you back safe and sound!
$ 50.00
Great Job Murph! Glad to have you home safe.
Lanciloti Family
$ 100.00
Yeah Murph!!! Consider this grease on the wheels from Aged Wood!
$ 20.00
Boston Creek Trucking says Go STEVE!!!
$ 350.00
Peggy & Laurie
$ 25.00
We have so enjoyed reading your blog and have learned a lot from it! Thank you.
In 2009 I was bumbling around the internet looking for something bike related when I came across the site for Bikes Not Bombs. I read the whole story and was determined to take the instructors training program and get involved.

This turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. BNB Rocks! The youth programs are so much fun and I get back more than I give in terms of friendships and camaraderie.

To date I've helped out in 13 youth sessions and will do more. BNB is a wonderful resource for the Boston community as well as locales in other countries and deserves to continue its efforts. I'm riding cross country to inspire support for BNB. Please donate.

Follow the journey at:

Don't forget you can also volunteer, drop off a bike, or ride in the Bike-A-Thon.