Bike-A-Thon 2015

Join us on June 7th for a beautiful ride to support Bikes Not Bombs!

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  (including yourself)
Fill in your registration information on this page. If you are registering additional people, you will be able to enter their registration information after you complete this page and click "Continue".
Bike-A-Thon Information
You may choose a different route on the day-of if you like.
Optionally, you may enter the name of a team for other people with whom you are riding.
Please help us ensure your safety by providing the name and phone number of someone we can call if you are hurt during the ride.
  • In order to ride, each rider must raise the minimum fundraising amount.
  • Riders wishing to fundraise together must register together (using the "How many people are you registering" field above) and use only one fundraising page.
    • Groups who follow these steps will have a group minimum equal to the total of all riders' minimum fundraising amounts.
    • For example, if you register yourself as an adult, plus another adult and one youth who wish to fundraise with you, then you must create one page and raise at least $375. (From $150 + $150 + $75)
  • Riders who do not register together must fundraise individually to meet their own minimum fundraising amounts.
  • The Bike-A-Thon is scheduled for June 7th, but it may be postponed to June 21st in case of rain.
  • The registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Bikes Not Bombs may use photographs of riders in outreach materials, and BNB volunteer photographers also may sell photos of riders online, donating some proceeds to Bikes Not Bombs.
Credit Card Information
Billing Name and Address