Creating your own fundraising page is simple. Fill in some basic information below, which will allow you to manage your page and invite friends to make a contribution. Then click 'Continue' to personalize and announce your page.
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Special Fundraising Page Setup

Use this form to set up a fundraising page so that you can personally solicit donations for Bikes Not Bombs from your friends and family. For example, you ask people to donate to Bikes Not Bombs for your birthday or other special event. 

Do not use this form to set up a Bike-A-Thon fundraising page. If you are riding the Bike-A-Thon you should have a link to a different page that will allow to you to set up a Bike-A-Thon fundraising page. 

What prompted you to create this fundraising page? For example: "my birthday", or "a bike trip across the country".

On the following screen you'll setup a personal web page. Make sure to include your name somewhere on the page so that people know it's yours. You can even add a photo of yourself if you like!

Make sure to enable the "Honor roll" feature so that your sponsors can choose to display their names with their donations.

When you're done creating your personal fundraising page, you can email the page address to anyone who might consider sponsoring you. Your sponsors can just click the link in your email, see your page, and donate online. If you have any issues setting up your page, we'd love to help you out - contact Sean Madsen at 617-522-0222 x111 or