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Our Bike Shop is now located at 284 Amory Street in the same space as our Hub.

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Reconditioned used bicycles

Here at the Bikes Not Bombs Bike Shop, we specialize in recycled bikes that are ready for many more years of service as your daily ride. What does reconditioned mean to us? All of our bikes get overhauled from top to bottom. Each bike is stripped down to just the frame, and rebuilt using a mixture of new and overhauled used parts. All of our bikes get brand new wheels, tires, tubes, brake pads, chains, freewheels or cassettes, and cables and housing. Prices begin at $300.

All of our reconditioned bikes come with a 90-day mechanical guarantee on parts and labor, are entitled to a free 30-day tune-up, and a year-long 10% discount on new parts and accessories you buy in the shop. All bike sales are final.

Not sure what kind of bike you need? We're here to help! If you're new to biking or are just not sure where to begin, we'll ask you a few questions about your bicycling plans, explain the features each bike has, and help you find one that fits you and your needs.

We maintain a wide selection of reconditioned bikes in many sizes and styles. Whether you're new to biking or you're looking for a specific kind of bike, our advice is to come prepared to test ride!

New bikes

We also stock a full line of city, road and touring bikes from Bianchi and can order any bike from their catalog for you. We can also special order Surly bikes by request.

Comfort/City Hybrid Bikes

The Bianchi Cortina (and Cortina Dama), Bianchi Torino (and Torino Dama), Raleigh Talus 1, Raleigh Eva 1 and Raleigh Venture 4.0 are great options for those looking for a comfortable city bike with a more upright riding position. These hybrid models have wider tires and plenty of room for fenders and a rack.

Three Speed City Bikes

The Linus Roadster Sport and Linus Mixte 3 are both classic looking city bikes with internally geared three speed hubs. The Linus Dutchi 3 is a more upright Dutch styled bike with a deep step through frame for easy dismounts and the aluminum Bianchi Milano Tre comes with a unisex diamond frame and chain guard. We carry both the step-over A-Type and the step-through B-Type.  All Linus and Detroit Bikes come prepared with full fenders and racks. The Linus Bikes are also available in 8 speed models!

Performance/City Hybrid Bikes

The Bianchi Iseo (and Iseo Dama), C-Sport 2, Raleigh Cadent 1 (and Cadent 2) and Raleigh Alysa 1 (and Alysa 2) feature a less upright riding position but still retain the versatility needed in a city bike, such as being able to fit racks and fenders. The C-Sport, Cadent 2 and Alysa 2 come with disc brakes making them ideal for a brisk and spirited commute. 

Mountain Bikes

The Raleigh Talus 3 and Raleigh Eva 3 are both aluminum 27.5" mountain bikes.  With front suspension and disc brakes the Talus and Eva are ready for wherever you take them, from trails to jumping off curbs.

Road Bikes

The Bianchi Via Nirone Claris and Via Nirone Dora Sora feature aluminum frames with carbon forks, STI shifters, and a compact double crankset, making them fun, fast, and versatile road bikes. The all aluminum Raleigh Revere 1 has 28c tires for a more comfortable and confident ride.

Touring/All Road Bikes

The Bianchi Lupo and Bianchi Volpe feature STI shifters and wide range gearing while the Surly Cross-Check features 10 speed bar end shifters. They all have the versatility to fit wide tires, fenders, and racks, while still remaining fast and fun.

Kids' Bikes

We stock 16", 20", and 24" refurbished youth bikes. Prices start around $100.