Bike Institute

Bike Institute is for:
Youth and Adults aged 14+


Applications for Bike Institute are currently closed.


Program schedule:

October 2nd - November 6th, 2021

Saturdays 1-4 PM


Bike Institute is a 30-hour training for youth (14+) and adults who are looking for volunteer opportunities and are interested in:

  • Acquiring bike mechanics skills while earning a bike
  • Learning about bike safety, proper helmet and bike fitting
  • Gaining experience from working with our Youth Programs, our Bike Shop, or recycling and international shipping efforts
  • Serving as a Volunteer Bike School Apprentice

No experience in biking or mechanics is necessary to apply and every program graduate will ride away on their very own refurbished bicycle!

We highly recommend that all adults looking to volunteer in BNB Youth Programs complete our Bike Institute program. We aim to recruit program graduates to serve as volunteers.


How to Apply: 

Applications for Bike Institute are currently closed.

Apply for Bike Institute online, or you can fill out the form onsite at our bike shop. To qualify for enrollment, the application must be submitted in full and program fees paid no later than one week before the start of the program. Program fees are $50 - $100, on a sliding scale (you decide how much you can pay). If you are unable to afford the class fee, you can submit a request for a fee waiver. This will not affect whether or not you are accepted to the course.

If you have any questions please contact Bike School Coordinator, Tess Stogner at 617-522-0222 or email