Bike-A-Thon Fundraising

Fun & easy fundraising!

Bike-A-Thon Fundraising

Our Bike-A-Thon riders are crucial ambassadors and fundraisers for Bikes Not Bombs.  The sponsorships gathered by riders allow us to run our programs year-round. We're proud to get the majority of our funding from grassroots supporters!  

Riders that go above and beyond the minimums really enable our programs to grow and evolve, but each rider, dependent on age, is required to meet the minimum in order to participate on ride day.

All riders, regardless of age, must register and pay the registration fee

Adults 18+

Raise at least $150

Youth 3-17

Raise at least $75

Youth 0-2

No fundraising requirement

The Bike-A-Thon is our largest community event of the year, and our largest fundraiser. The support of the Bike-A-Thon is critical to run our youth, international and bike shop programs, in 2016 the event provided over 14% of our fundraising for the year. Want to learn more about where your fundraising money goes?  Check out our Annual Reports!

Riders often fundraise above and beyond the required minimum to make our programs possible. While riders are only responsible for raising $150 (or $75 for youth 3-17), set your goals high to be a part of our Fundraising Clubs!

Most of our riders create an online fundraising page, which can then be sent to friends and family and post on social media. We'll help you along the way if needed! Already have questions? Check our our FAQs!

Want to collect sponsorships in person or by check or cash?  Print out a pledge sheet and turn it in on June 4th!

Fundraising Club Prizes

Our two special fundraising clubs recognize individuals who are extremely successful in spreading the word about Bikes Not Bombs and collecting donations! Riders will be automatically enrolled in each club once they surpass the club's minimum fundraising level. You can be part of a club and a riding team at the same time, so don’t hold back!

Club Hubs & Kisses

Raise $250 and get:
  • 5 FREE raffle tickets
  • Handmade Hubs & Kisses patch

Club King Cogs

Raise $500 and get:
  • $50 gift certificate to BNB shop (and $100 if you raise over $1000)
  • 10 FREE raffle tickets
  • 2 FREE 24hr Hubway passes
  • Handmade King Cogs patch

Fundraising Clubs

Team Flat Top Johnny's at the 2016 Bike-A-Thon

For those of you who go above and beyond, thank you!

Individuals who raise over $250 really provide the funds to support our youth, international and Bike Shop programs each year.  To show our appreciation we created two Fundraising Clubs with some greats perks and prizes!

For our very top individual and team fundraisers we've also got some great prizes! Check out what you could win!

Collective Fundraising

While most riders choose to fundraise individually, joint fundraising is popular among families or teams who choose to make one fundraising page to represent them. To fundraise together you must register together (at the same time) and use only one fundraising page. Groups who do follow these steps will automatically have the fundraising from their one page distributed proportionally among all members, according to each person's minimum fundraising amount.

Questions? Check our our FAQs!

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