2017 Bike-A-Thon Results

635 riders
$176,253 raised
As of June 4th, 2017
Fundraising Challenge
Club Members
94 King Cogs
47 Hubs & Kisses
As of June 4th, 2017
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Our 30th Annual Bike-A-Thon, held on Sunday June 4th, 2017, was a huge success! Thank you to all of our riders, donors, volunteers and sponsors who made this event possible.

The riders of the Bike-A-Thon provide imperative funding for Bikes Not Bombs and our programs around the world. This event makes the skill development, jobs, and sustainable transportation work we do possible.

Without the tireless and ongoing support of our community, the Bike-A-Thon would not happen. From all of us at BNB, thank you!!

Phenomenal Fundraising!

Huge thanks to our top fundraiser, Jon McCurdy (on right), with Lee, Melanie, and Tony (left to right).This year our riders pulled out all the stops on their compelling fundraising pages and stories about why they ride the Bike-A-Thon.  First time riders shared how they learned about us through our Shop and multi-year riders remembered back to previous Bike-A-Thons with now-grown kids.  Many took on long routes as a personal challenge and compelled their sponsors to support them.  Here are the top fundraising riders, by amount raised as of June 4th:

  • Jon McCurdy - $7,798
  • Jo-Anne Wyndham - $3,030
  • Jim Campen - $2,840
  • H. Susan Freireich - $2,140
  • Jaime Wilson - $2,106
  • David Wean - $2,008
  • Stephen Greene - $1,750
  • Richard Giordano - $1,723
  • Margaret Cohn - $1,587
  • Maximillian Martins - $1,372

Terrific Teams

For our 30th Bike-A-Thon we were excited to see many of our returning favorite teams back for another year.  The Boston Cyclists Union - $50K team was once again the top fundraisering team by bringing in an impressive $14,951!  Team Glassman, CBC Brews, Seussicals, Team Flat Top Johnnys, Chain of Love and Femmechanics all returned.  AND we welcomed many new teams to the event!  Welcome to The Circuit Riders, Better Together, Osgoods, Impact Hub!!!, Team George and The Wobblies.

With 7 new rider, The Circuit Riders were our team with the most new riders!  Thank you for joining us!

Go Osgoods! Team Jalapeno Power, our best costume winners!

Youth Team Rides 10 miles!

The BNB Youth Team was made up of 9 youth who rode 10 miles this year!  Two of our Girls In Action graduates rode recently fixed up bikes that they built themselves, and many of our alumni returned for the ride.  The Youth Team fundraised for the Bike-A-Thon through two Super Scooper fundraisers where they sold ice cream to bike commuters and passer-bys at the Stony Brook T Station.  Thank you to JP Licks for donating ice cream! 





Youngest Rider

Go Nina!

Nina Hill, at 6 years old, was our youngest rider on her own bike, riding an impressive 10 miles!  For this feat Nina won a gift card to Newbury Comics!

Gourmet Food

For our second year we partnered with El Pelon Taqueria for our lunch food. The delicious and filling rice, beans, veggies and meat that El Pelon provided were greatly enjoyed by our riders returning from long rides. Chef Brian Sway, who for over a decade has lent his expertise to the Bike-A-Thon, worked with many volunteers to prepare an assortment of salads, everything from Texas Turnip to Wheatberry Salad for our riders. Thank you Brian, and to Powisset Farm for letting us use your beautiful kitchen.

At breakfast, lunch and as rest stops riders fueled up on food and drinks from Foodies Market, Vanguarden Farms, City Feed, Deborah's Kitchen, Grillo's Pickles, Equal Exchange, Clif Bar, Noosa Yoghurt, Once Again Nut Butter, 88 Acres, Dancing Deer Baking, DRINKMaple, Evy Tea, Nature's Bakery, CabotTropical Foods, and JP Licks.

Chef Brian Sway with an assortment of his salads Riders enjoying food from El Pelon and Chef Brian Sway

Low Impact Event Waste

The waste team, led by Bill Perkins (center)We're proud to minimize the trash we send to the dump each year at the Bike-A-Thon, and our 30th is no exception!  Huge thank yous to our waste team, headed by Bill Perkins and well staffed by Chris and Gerry. 

Keeping the Bike-A-Thon a low waste event aligns with our mission. This year we were able to divert 56% of our waste from the dump to compost and recycling.  Thank you to our Waste Team!

Outstanding Volunteers

Thank you to our volunteers!

We are lucky to have the support of over 100 volunteers to assist with the Bike-A-Thon every year.  Without their early morning and late night help this event would not be possible!  Thank you to all who helped prepare salads, host rest stops, check-in riders, park bikes, serve food, lead the ride and more!  We are eternally grateful to count you all in our community.

Four routes!

Our route system with NEW 100 mile route. Click map to view fullscreen.

This year we announced our longest ever route, a century!  Riders were excited about this option and it easily became the 2nd most popular route with 132 riders.  Preparing a route is no easy feat but with the help of a few key volunteers we were able to create a beautiful and serene addition to our route options.

Our 10, 30 and 50 mile routes each saw 120, 156 and 194 riders respectively and were easily navigated with our route markings, digital smart-phone map and GPX files.

We used the Stony Brook Park as our starting and ending location for all of the routes and sent riders off southwest to see some of the best riding roads in greater Boston!

10 mile ride

This route is perfect for the whole family, with many wide, safe, low-traffic roads that put any rider at ease. The rest stop has a playground and while the route is not entirely free of the inevitable uphill, the way back is almost entirely flat or downhill. Some urban riding skills are required.

30 mile ride

Thirty miles is perfect for cyclists who do not want to do too much training but want to push themselves. All of the uphill sections on this route are relatively short and the roads are smooth, many of them have been recently resurfaced! Half way through the journey, you'll find a rest stop at the lovely Powisset Farm with plenty of snacks and refreshments.

50 mile ride

After the first rest stop in Medfield, the return trip is where the 50 mile route really shines. This route creatively weaves together the best roads and sites from the Dover area to form a secluded and adventurous ride with two rest stops. Aside from a handful of short stretches on main connecting streets, you'll find yourself forgetting cars even exist!

100 mile ride

To commemorate our 30th Bike-A-Thon we’re hosting our first-ever century ride! After the rest stop in Holliston riders will find smooth, scenic stretches through some of metro Boston’s most beautiful towns west of the city. A century is a challenging distance and riders should expect to adequately train prior to the ride. In order to finish in time for a late lunch at the After Party, riders should be able to maintain at least 12 mph average speed, with 20 minute breaks at each of the 4 stops.

Special Thanks

  • Amy Guan
  • Annie Hamilton
  • Baker Elementary School for hosting our 10 mile rest stop
  • Bill Perkins
  • Department of Conservation and Recreation for maintaining green spaces and working with this event to use them well!
  • Dowes Orchard for hosting a rest stop for the 100 mile route
  • Everett Briggs
  • Fernando Aguilar
  • Gerry Finklestein
  • Hannah Epstein
  • Louis D'Angio
  • Maaak Pelletier and Spontaneous Celebrations, for tables, chairs, and hula hoops
  • Norma Rosario
  • Pfaff Community Centre for hosting a rest stop for the 100 and 50 mile ride
  • Powisset Farm for hosting a rest stop for the 100, 50, and 30 mile routes
  • Rosy Rosenwinkel
  • Scott Harper
  • Stephen Bosco
  • Ted Chaloner
  • Town of Brookline for hosting our 10 mile rest stop at Baker Park
  • Town of Holliston Park Commission for hosting our 100 mile rest stop at Stoddard Park
  • Will Dosier

The Bike-A-Thon simply would not have been possible without support from our sponsors and community partners. A HUGE thanks to our Title Sponsors: Flat Top Johnny's, Kryptonite, the Law Offices of Jeffrey Glassman, and Chef Brian Sway.

Event sponsors