2016 Bike-A-Thon Results

Carl, founder of BNB, with Modesto, current Youth Employee

730 riders
$193,729 raised
As of June 19th, 2016
Fundraising Challenge
Club Members
68 King Cogs
97 Hubs & Kisses
As of June 19th, 2016
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Thank you to our riders, donors, volunteers and sponsors who helped make the 29th Annual Bike-A-Thon, held on Sunday June 19th, 2016, a huge success!

The Bike-A-Thon provides critical funding for BNB's local and global programs that provide skill development, jobs, and sustainable transportation.

This event would not have been possible without the dedicated support of our community. From all of us at BNB, thank you!!

Phenomenal Fundraising!

Huge thanks to our top fundraiser, Jon McCurdy (on left)!

Our riders got even more imaginative this year to fundraise for their Bike-A-Thon rides.  We heard about ravioli and movie parties, streetside violin performances, hand-painted tunas, call outs to friends and families via email and Facebook and even the sale of temporary tattoo body space!  Here are the top riders, by amount raised as of June 19th:

  • Jon McCurdy $12,578.50
  • Jim Campen $3,305.00
  • Ted Chaloner $2,276.00
  • David Wean $2,029.33
  • Boe Shulman $2,000.00
  • Robert Rosofsky $1,905.00
  • Dave Boudreau $1,781.00
  • Oz Raisler Cohn $1,715.00
  • Steve Greene $1,560.00
  • Stewart Lanier $1,275.00
  • Alan Shapiro $1,200.00

Terrific Teams

We were excited to welcome a number of new teams to the Bike-A-Thon this year, inclidng the Velawciraptors, Femmechanics, Team Gero, Team Glassman, and the BC High Charity Team (a group of high schoolers tackling the 50 mile route!)  A number of our old favorites, including Team Flat Top Johnnys, CBC Brews, Chain of Love and Pups Peeps, joined us again with lots of new members, fabulous fundraising and crazy team spirit!

Our top fundraising team was the Boston Cyclists Union - $50K Team, who brought in $22,133.16!  Thank you!  With 9 new riders each, there was a three-way tie for team with the most new riders, congrats Team Glassman, the BC Charity Team and Team Femmechanics!

Go BC Charity Team!Team Glassman!

Youth Team Rides 30 and 10 miles!

This year our Youth Team used the Bike-A-Thon as their celebratory ride after attending the Youth Bike Summit in St. Paul!  21 Youth rode on the 30 and 10 mile routes, including recent Earn-A-Bike and Girls In Action grads who rode on bikes they fixed up themselves.




Youngest Rider

Go Ivy!

This year's youngest rider was Ivy, who at 5.5 years old rode the entire 10 mile route on her own, winning a $25 gift card to JP Licks!

Gourmet Food

Riders enjoyed amazing food from El Pelon & Chef Brian Sway

This year we partnered with local favorite El Pelon Taqueria to bring hearty, delicious food to our hardworking riders.  The rice, beans, meat and veggies of El Pelon went great with Chef Brian Sway's assortment of fresh salads.

Volunteers helped Brian prepare the food at the Powisset Farm kitchen, using donated produce from Foodies Market and Vanguarden Farms.

Riders kept fueled up for the ride with a delicious array of food and drink from City Feed, Deborah's Kitchen, Grillo's Pickles, Equal Exchange, Clif Bar, Once Again Nut Butter, When Pigs Fly, Tropical Foods, Iggy's Bread and JP Licks.

Low Impact Event Waste

The waste team, led by Bill Perkins (right)

Bikes Not Bombs strives to lower waste in all of our work, and the Bike-A-Thon is no exception!  Bill Perkins leads our waste team each year to sort the waste from the entire event into compost, recycling and unreclaimable leftovers.   

This year we composted or recycling 93.2% of our waste, and 6.8% went to the dump.  We are proud to send less than one bag of trash to the dump each year! 

Outstanding Volunteers

Volunteers helped with everything from constructing tents to ride support!

Without a crew of nearly 100 volunteers, the Bike-A-Thon would not be possible!  Huge thank you to everyone who helped check-in riders, park bikes, hand out shirts, welcome back riders, make and serve food, staff the rest stops, lead and sweep the rides, capture photos, decorate faces and more, before, after and during the event!

Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers!

Four routes!

Our new route system. Click map to view fullscreen.

Our four route options once again proved popular with riders!  We had 154 riders on the 80 mile route, 199 on the 50, 178 on the 30 and 155 riders on the 10 mile option.  The route system, which is essentially one 80 mile loop, is easier than ever with our digital smart-phone map, GPX files and back-up paper maps. 

All rides start and end in the SW Corridor park in front of the Stony Brook T Stop, near the corner of Boylston and Lamartine St.

Read on for more info about each route...

10 mile ride

This route is perfect for the whole family, with many wide, safe, low-traffic roads that put any rider at ease. The rest stop has a playground and while the route is not entirely free of the inevitable uphill, the way back is almost entirely flat or downhill. Some urban riding skills are required.

30 mile ride

Thirty miles is perfect for cyclists who do not want to do much training but want to push themselves. All of the uphill sections on this route are relatively short and the roads are smooth, many of them have been recently resurfaced! Half way through the journey, you'll find a rest stop at the lovely Powisset Farm with plenty of food and water.

50 mile ride

After the first rest stop in Medfield, the return trip is where the 50 mile route really shines. This route creatively weaves together the best roads and sites from the Dover area to form a secluded and adventurous ride with two rest stops. Aside from a handful of short stretches on main connecting streets, you'll find yourself forgetting cars even exist!

80 mile ride

Our longest Bike-A-Thon route ever clocks in just over 80 miles! Your grin will be infectious as you enjoy the smooth, beautiful, and traffic-free roads out near Millis and Holliston. And if the scenery's not enough, you'll even have the option to swim in a pond at the second rest stop! In order to finish in time for a late lunch at the after-party, riders should be able to maintain at least 11 mph average speed, with 20 minute breaks at each stop. 

Special Thanks

  • Alex Caraballo
  • Annie Hamilton
  • Baker Elementary School for hosting our 10 mile rest stop
  • Bill Perkins
  • Department of Conservation and Recreation for maintaining green spaces and working with this event to use them well!
  • Everett Briggs
  • Exavier Torres
  • Hilken Mancini & Girls Rock Camp Boston for the sound system
  • Hopestill Farm for hosting a rest stop for the 80 mile ride
  • Jesse Bland
  • Jon Allen and Melanie Quigley
  • Louis D'Angio
  • Maaak Pelletier and Spontaneous Celebrations, for tables, chairs, and hula hoops
  • Michael Gero
  • Michael John Guadarrama
  • Michael Strain
  • Pfaff Community Centre for hosting a rest stop for the 80 and 50 mile ride
  • Powisset Farm for hosting a rest stop for the 80, 50, and 30 mile routes
  • Scott Harper
  • Stephen Bosco
  • Ted Chaloner
  • Town of Holliston Park Commission for hosting our 80 mile rest stop at Stoddard Park

The Bike-A-Thon simply would not have been possible without support from our sponsors and community partners. A HUGE thanks to our Title Sponsors: Flat Top Johnny's, Kryptonite, the Law Offices of Jeffrey Glassman, Ula Cafe, and Chef Brian Sway.

Event sponsors