2013 Bike-A-Thon Success!!

Triumph at the finish line!

559 riders
$172,500 raised
As of June 27th, 2013
Online photo galleries:

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the 26th annual Bike-A-Thon on Sunday June 2nd, 2013! In addition to providing critical funds for BNB’s youth and international work, the Bike-A-Thon helps strengthen the movement for environmental sustainability and social justice. We could not have done it without the amazing support of our volunteers, riders, event sponsors, and dedicated members of the BNB community. From all of us at BNB, thank you!!

Between the four routes, Bike-A-Thon riders collectively rode 21,330 miles on June 2nd! Equal to over 3 trips between Boston and our partner in Amuru Uganda (6,753 miles per trip).

Photo by Wayne Chinnock

Fantastic fundraising

Jon McCurdyKate Mills' shark costume doesn't scare everyone From clever poems, to homemade t-shirts, to pumping peoples' tires on the Southwest Corridor, Bike-A-Thon riders went all out to help us set a new fundraising record this year. For the eighth year in a row, Jon McCurdy came in as the top individual fundraiser, and was joined by BNB's new Board Chair, Irina Rasputins, who came in seventh. Here are the top ten riders, by amount raised as of June 2nd:

Jon McCurdy $5,694.16
David Wilcox $2,886.66
Jim Campen $2,812.50
Kate Mills $2,515.00
Boe Shulman $2,500.00
David Wean $2,280.99
Irina Rasputnis $2,030.00
Dave Boudreau $2,000.00
Neil Leifer $1,686.00
Sam Keezelll $1,577.00

Incredible team spirit

The CBC Brews Brigade came on strong with an incredible 14 new riders, but they weren't the only team to blow us away. JPeeps rode with actual Peeps on their helmets, and BNB's former Interim Executive Director, P. Stewart Lanier, organized the Random Acts of Cycling team. Other teams that rocked it include Team Dorshei Tzedek, Team Orange Line Crush, and of course, the BNB youth team, Team Swerve.

JPeeps wins for best costume. Yes, those are actual peeps on their helmets.CBC Brews Brigade (from Cambridge Brewing Company) brought out the most new riders, 14 to be exact!Orange Line CrushRandom Acts of Cycling

Youth riders come in strong

In addition to all the great families who brought out young people for the event, many graduates of BNB Youth Programs rode on the Bikes Not Bombs Youth Team, Team Swerve. The BNB Youth Team rasied almost $3,000. Thank you to everyone that came out for the Super Soaker Scooper ‘Stravaganza on May 24th and helped them! You are all amazing!

Patrick Fernandes flies with the BNB Youth TeamAbdul Hussein, Youth Employee, pumped up at the start line Cardboard slides at the finish line! A big hit among younger riders!Five year old Robert Liriano rode the whole 15 mile ride on his own! A new record for youngest rider on own bike!

Free food for hungry riders

At the finish line, riders enjoyed a gourmet meal, and were also sustained by breakfast and snacks at rest stops. Thanks to Amir’s Natural Foods, Chef Brian Sway, Captain Marden's Seafood in Westwood for prep facilities, Chris Yoder of Vanguarden Farm who provided local organic produce, City Feed & Supply, Fornax, Luna Bars, Kind Bars, Vita Coco, Runa Tea, and Boloco.

Lunch in the park tastes great, especially after a long ride!YUM!

Live music!

Thanks to DJ Trizlam for spinning vintage Latin, reggae and more! You can hear more of his mixing online and catch Trizlam at the Sonido Bestial event, on the last Saturday of every month at River Gods in Cambridge.

Second Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band brought the New Orleans-style party with a big brass band that included 5 trombones! An activist street band, they have supported BNB for multiple years, and they also organize the yearly Honk! festival in Davis Square. Bloco AfroBrazil brought the samba dance thunder for the 5th year in a row to support Bikes Not Bombs! Both bands are community institutions that are often open to new members - get in touch with them if you might want to join in!

Bloco AfroBrazilSecond Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band

Pedal power machines showcased

David Branigan explains the pedal powered corn de-grainer

Our Pedal-Power Gallery showcased a pedal corn-sheller and grinder (designed by BiciTec in Guatemala, a partner organization of Bikes Not Bombs), a blender bike, a pedal washing machine, a pedal tractor (designed by Tim Cook of Green Tractor Farm), a rickshaw, an ice cream maker, and more! For the first time ever we made smoothies with our BiciLiquadora (bike blender), as a satisfying post-ride treat. Thanks to MIT D-Lab who loaned us many of their pedal-powered machines for the day!

Amazing green waste recovery

Bill Perkins, our green waste hero, sorts waste into compost and recycling at the rider after partyThe contents of every trash barrel went across the waste table, to be sorted into reclaimable organics for compost, metals and plastics to be recycled, and the unreclaimable leftovers for the landfill.

Thanks to Bill Perkins and all the volunteers from the waste-sorting table. The dedication of Bill and the volunteer crew ensured that we were able to compost and recycle nearly all of the waste from the event!

Volunteerism at its best

Hanging banners is fun!Excited to check in hundreds of riders!With such a small staff, BNB could not have pulled off the Bike-A-Thon and Rider After Party without the support of dozens of volunteers, both on June 2nd and leading up to the big day.

There are too many people to thank here, but special shout outs to our check-in volunteers, communications team, nurses, rider food servers, route markers, route leads and sweeps, rest stop volunteers, following vehicle drivers, photographers, videographers, face painters, and everyone else who lent a hand.

Four scenic routes

The 15 mile ride

A great ride for cyclists of all abilities, including families with children! We ride south through JP on the Pierre Lallement Bike Path; pass by the Arnold Arboretum and make a moderate climb on Bellevue Hill into the woods of the Stony Brook Reservation. There is one rest stop at Kelly Field Playground in Hyde Park.  We continue riding through Hyde Park into Mattapan, then head into Franklin Park going back to the starting point in the Southwest Corridor Park. Some urban safe-riding skills will be necessary.

The 25 mile ride

For a more challenging ride, the 25 mile ride follows the path of the 15 mile ride into the Stony Brook Reservation then veers off to climb into the Blue Hills going through Milton & Canton. There is one rest stop at Houghton's Pond in the Blue Hills Reservation. The ride continues through East Milton overlooking the Neponset River Reservation, going through Dorchester Lower Mills into Mattapan & Franklin Park. The ride ends back at the starting point, in the Southwest Corridor Park. Urban riding skills necessary.

The 40 mile ride 

We've designed this ride to be as scenic as possible. It heads straight out west to the Farm Pond area in Dover and Sherborn. Experienced roadies from all over Boston know this area as one of the best places to find smooth roads and beautiful views. At the midpoint of the route you'll have the pleasure of visiting the Peace Abbey for a quick snack and water refill. Along the way you'll ride by sweeping fields, babbling creeks, and shady groves. The route will take you back to the Southwest Corridor Park in Jamaica Plain via the same path as the longer 65 mile ride.

The 65 Mile Ride

Perfect for the avid cyclist, this gorgeous ride goes west from Jamaica Plain through Newton and Weston, and then north to the first rest stop at a farm run by The Food Project in beautiful Lincoln. turning South through Wayland and Natick, the second rest stop is at the Peace Abbey in Sherborn. The final stretch runs through Dover, Needham, and Brookline, rolling right back to the starting point in Jamaica Plain.

Special thanks:

  • Lee Archung
  • Scott Harper
  • Everett Briggs
  • Bob Dizon
  • Jon Allen and Melanie Quigley
  • Maaak Pelletier and Spontaneous Celebrations, for tables, chairs, and PA
  • The Food Project, for hosting a rest stop
  • The Peace Abbey, for hosting a rest stop
  • Department of Conservation and Recreation - for maintaining green spaces and working with this event to use them well!
  • ... and too many more ... you know who you are, THANK YOU!

The Bike-A-Thon simply would not have been possible without support from our sponsors and community partners. A HUGE thanks is certainly in order. Thanks to our Title Sponsors: Amir’s Natural Foods, Pedro’s, Vita Coco, Jason and Fischer, Chef Brian Sway, City Feed & Supply, Ula Cafe, Vita Coco and The Pedal Pushers Club. See all the sponsor logos lower on the page and click the links!