Tool Time

How It Works


Adult Earn-A-Bike Alumni Night is held at the BNB Shop at 18 Bartlett Square, at 7pm, on the first Monday of every month (or the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month from May - August), giving alumni access to bike stands and basic tools to work on your own bike.

The cost and tools needed to maintain the health of a commuting bike can be a large obstacle to bicycle commuters, and through AEAB Alumni Night program graduates will have access to new and used parts and mechanical help. This is a great opportunity to do regular maintenance or parts replacements that may require specialty tools.

Many parts will be available for sale but we encourage you to pick them up ahead of time to ensure that they’re in stock and accessible. Space is limited and an RSVP is required so call the shop at 617-522-0226 to sign up.

If no RSVPs are received by 5pm the Sunday prior to the event, Alumni Night will be canceled.

Eligible Participants

Alumni Night is open to

  • Graduates of BNB's Adult Earn-A-Bike program
  • Anyone with a current BNB membership which you have purchased or was awarded to you for a $35 donation (For questions about your membership, contact Elijah Evans at
  • Volunteers who would like to trade 8 volunteer credits for a membership (bring your signed volunteer time sheet to Alumni Night)

Sign Up In Advance

We require sign-ups to make sure everyone gets a stand. Call the shop at 617-522-0226. If no RSVPs are received by 5pm the Sunday prior to the event, AEAB Alumni Night will be canceled.

An AEAB graduate works on her bike. Working on a bicycle