Who we are

Hub Staff Members

Elijah Evans
Executive Director
617-522-0222 x105

Elijah is a testament to the leadership development pathways created at Bikes Not Bombs (BNB), having started at age 14 as an Earn-A-Bike participant, then going on to become the Coordinator and then Director of Youth Programs, and most recently serving as the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors. Elijah returns to lead the organization after becoming a teacher through Teach for America (TFA) - spending three years in the classroom and managing operations at TFA’s new teacher institute.  Elijah studied African American history and Spanish linguistics at the University of Massachusetts, has a Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from Boston University’s Questrom School of Business; he is also a musician, bike mechanic, and avid cyclist.

Charlotte Fagan
International Programs and Operations Director
617-522-0222 x108

Charlotte comes to BNB by way of Rhode Island, but has spent time doing bike organizing abroad. She helped found Carishina en Bici, a feminist bike collective in Ecuador and has volunteered with BNB projects in Sierra Leone and Guatemala. Outside of work Charlotte is an avid bike polo player, organizer with Femmechanics, and enjoys exploring new mountain bike trails.

Will Gifford
Summer Programs Director

Will first came to BNB as an Earn a Biker in the fall of 2009, before joining as a youth instructor on staff the next year. It was in that first year that he developed the passion for education, environmental consciousness, and the bicycle as a tool to deliver social change, a passion that he carries with him still. Since that first year, Will has worked as a youth instructor in Earn a Bike and Girls in Action and was a pioneering member of BNB's BOCA youth team. In his spare time, he enjoys playing music and adventuring around New England.

Ben Goodman
Summer Programs Director

Ben was a student in the earn-a-bike program for the first time in 2007 while he was in high school. Since then he has been an EAB youth instructor, program coordinator, shop mechanic, and youth educator and mentor. Ben has never driven a car and uses the bicycle exclusively for transportation. When he's not wrenching or teaching Ben is in Graduate classes getting his Masters in Landscape Architecture.

Eric Mearns
Collection Manager
617-522-0222 x113

Eric bought his first "grown-up" bike from Carlos at the BNB shop in 2005, started volunteering for Bike-A-Thon in 2010, and joined the BNB staff 2015.  Eric collects donations of bikes, parts, and tools for BNB's programs.  He also manages the BNB warehouse and the Bike Drive program, and helps coordinate container loadings, Thursday volunteer nights, and the annual Bike-A-Thon.  His favorite place to ride is Route 1A along the New Hampshire coast, but he's open to your suggestions. He really really really likes cats a lot.

Jason Mejia
Outreach Coordinator

Jason first took Earn-A-Bike in 2012 and fell in love with the organization and staff. His favorite part of BNB is meeting new people and sharing new experiences with everyone involved. Outside of the office he loves riding his bike with BikeLife, riding ATVs and dirt bikes and watching Power. He returned to BNB as the Outreach Coordinator in 2017 and looks forward to growing our involvement in the community.

Joseph Butler
Bookkeeper / Human Resources Manager
617-522-0222 x110

Joseph was born and raised in Jamaica Plain's Bromely Heath Projects.  He likes numbers, history, and basketball, among other things.  Joseph is currently pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts, Boston and he wants to be a C.P.A when he grows up.

Manizha Baraki
Grants & Program Evaluation Manager

Manizha has come to Bikes Not Bombs from far away from a country surrounded by high mountains in another continent, Afghanistan. She got her Masters in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University. 

Previously, Manizha worked with UN Women in Afghanistan and UN Women Headquarters in New York.  At BNB, she will be communicating with international partners on a regular basis, traveling internationally to provide technical assistance to partner organizations, monitoring progress and evaluating impact. Manizha brings her experience of working both at the local and international levels to BNB to ensure the greatest impact of bikes in bringing social justice to communities. Manizha is very enthusiastic about learning new languages, and new cultures. Manizha recently learned how to bike and is very excited to bike around Boston.

Manizha is passionate about women and youth empowerment in underserved communities.

Sean Madsen
Technology Consultant

Sean started as a Volunteer Night volunteer and Bike-A-Thon rider in 2008 and soon began helping out regularly with computer technology projects. As his involvement grew, he eventually became BNB's Information Technology Manager and worked full-time in this role for five years. Now he is a part time website/database consultant and works remotely from his adventure van while traveling the country in search of the next greatest mountain biking trail. 

Tom Ball

Tom assists with accounting and financial management at BNB on a part time basis. His responsibilities include overseeing the accounting and preparation of financial statements, leading preparation for the annual audit, supporting the budget process, and helping to keep BNB on solid financial ground. Tom and his partner, Nicole Wright, at Barrington Wright Associates, Inc. have been assisting Massachusetts nonprofits and affordable housing organizations with their financial management needs for over twenty years. Tom enjoys sports, gardening, and spending time with his family.

Bike Shop Staff

Gabriel Ytterberg
Shop Director

Gabriel first started learning how to fix bikes after buying a refurbished Schwinn from Bikes Not Bombs in 2005 and promptly wrecking it. Since then he's moved from fixing his own bikes to friends' bikes and has been a professional mechanic and BNB volunteer for several years before joining the bike shop staff. Gabriel enjoys every part of working on bikes, from solving tough problems to explaining the basics. Days off find him miles away, riding and exploring greater Boston's back roads and trails.

Carlos Ortiz
Mentorship Coordinator

One of the longest tenured BNB staffers, Carlos started at BNB as an Earn-A-Bike participant, took Vocational Education, and then started working at the shop. That was more than a decade ago! Carlos also runs BNB's seaport Earn-A-Bike program, and works to encourage young people to do positive things in their lives with bikes. For Carlos, BNB is like a second family.

Joey Santana

Joey was born in the Bronx, but raised in Boston and has been working at BNB since 2012. Joey enrolled in VocEd when he was 17 and learned advanced bike mechanics. VocEd led him to become a youth instructor for programs such as Earn-A-Bike, Girls In Action, Adult Instructor Training and BOCA. In the summer of 2015 Joey served as the lead mechanic for the Boys & Girls Club of Roxburys' 'Yawkey Bike Crew.' Also known as YBC. In the spring of 2017 he joined the Shop as a full-time mechanic.

Pierre Payette

Pierre missed his first chance to participate in BNB as a youth, but is making up for it now. He grew up around the corner from our locations but only recently began getting involved. He began working with bicycles about a decade ago and landed a job at Ferris Wheels Bike Shop in high school (mostly thanks to his older brother). After high school bicycles stopped being a job and started being a personal hobby once again—he left his shop position to pursue other goals and eventually earned a Spanish degree at UMass. Before being hired at BNB he was working as a kitchen manager for Legal Seafoods.

Wilson Martinez
Head Mechanic

Wilson isn't particular when it comes to what he likes about BNB, he simply likes everything. A shop mechanic since 2006, Wilson also helped with the construction of the shop's current location. Wilson is a road and cyclocross racer, and each spring he can be found at the front of the longest Bike-A-Thon route.

Chayanne Almeida

Chayanne first heard about STRIVE and BNB in 2014 through Madison Park High School.  In his first year with STRIVE, Chayanne learned about adjusting derailleurs, setting limit screws, rode time trials and explored Boston by bike.  In 2015, he built on previous knowledge and tackled bottom brackets, cranks and hubs.  After STRIVE he kept learning about mechanics on his free time and with those skills became the apprentice at the Shop in 2016.  In the future he looks forward to being a good mechanic and perhaps entering a cyclocross race. 

Eddie DePina

Eddie joined BNB in 2014 as an Earn-A-Bike participant, and after graduating quickly became a standout youth employee.  He worked at the Hub for 3 years in youth programs including some time as Parts Manager.  A year-round commuter to school and work, he began working at the Shop as the 2017 Apprentice to gain experience to help fellow bikers with mechanical issues.

Board Members

Allie Hunter McDade
Board Chair
Lee Archung
Xenia Pantos
Allistair Mallillin
Amy Wilson
Joseph Lieber
Patrick Cutrona
Ronald Cross

Youth Employees

Andry Nuñez
Elijah Polite
Ish Lazah
Jazamine Foster
Miguel Guerrero
Phoebe Normandia
Sandra Simpson
Stiven Valenzuela